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Luffy vs Queen The Plague – First Big Fight of Wano

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be discussing a theory regarding the potential upcoming battle of Luffy vs Queen. Luffy is in Udon and in One Piece chapter 934 we saw Queen the Plague arriving at the door of the prison. So, how will things turn out to be?

One Piece chapter 934 was again another impressive one. In this chapter, we got to see that the rest of the Big Mom Pirates are all together and well. This verified my theory that it was just Big Mom who fell off the ship.

Big Mom has now got a new get up in Wano style. Big Mom has tamed a crocodile cum shark-like creature by hitting it several times. She and others are speeding full on towards the Udon prison. Then we saw Monkey D Luffy at a mine in Udon. It was revealed that the old man that Luffy has rescued several times is known as Hyougoro the Flower. He is the former boss of the family from which Kyoushiro hails from.

Again in the last chapter, we saw that this old man Hyougoro was saved from the evil jailer by Monkey D Luffy in the last chapter.

At the end, we saw Queen the Plague arriving at the prison on a dope four wheeler vehicle.

So, what next will happen in future? It is clear that Queen will enter the prison in which Luffy has caused havoc. As we know, beating up a jailer will have some sort of consequences and Luffy is not the one who will take any punishment without resistance.

We will see that after he will cause havoc again Queen the Plague will step in and it is here when his devil fruit will finally be revealed. I think that Queen the Plague will try to subdue Monkey D Luffy will his ancient zoan type devil fruit power.

I think that after Queen will try to force himself on Luffy who will be weakened by the handcuffs but still Luffy has pretty powerful haki. We might see for the first time after Whole Cake Island Luffy using his future sight haki to dodge Queen’s attacks.

Talking about Queen’s devil fruit, I think that he will have an ancient zoan type devil fruit model: Eurypterid which is known more popularly as sea scorpion. This is an ancient deadly creature which is half fish and half scorpion.

The fully transformed size of Queen could be 3-4 meters long which is quite huge. This creature will have pretty huge claws and as all zoan types, he will have tremendous raw strength. I think Queen too will be having quite a good hold on haki and sooner or later he’ll land a critical hit on Luffy.

It is clear that if no one will intervene in this fight Luffy will end up in a pretty bad state. I think that at first, Raizo will intervene in the battle but he’ll simply be pushed aside by Queen as it is quite easy to predict that he’ll be stronger than at least Raizo.

But the one that will really rescue Luffy will be the most unlikely ally, Yonko Big Mom. As we know, Big Mom can beat anyone who comes in between her and food. Chopper will tell her that after beating everyone up at the prison she can get as much as favourite food as she wants. Queen will be literally trashed by Big Mom even though in her head she is still a kid. Queen the Plague will have absolutely no time to react as he will be completely taken by surprise by the arrival of yonko Big Mom.

After beating everyone at the prison, all prisoners will be set free including the mysterious prisoner and of course Luffy. Raizo knows where the keys of the handcuffs are and then Luffy, at last, will be set free. Another interesting thing here will be that Luffy will also have the keys of Kid’s handcuffs.

Luffy will find Kid and propose to join hands with him to defeat Kaido. So, will Luffy vs Queen take place?

That is it from today’s post on Luffy vs Queen. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below.

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