‘Gintama’ Announces New Anime

Gintama seems to be the series that will never end. Hideaki Sorachi let fans in on the shonen title back in December 2003, and it has amassed a loyal fanbase since. Now, it appears the show won’t be ending like fans thought, and Gintama put out the update the only way it knew how.

And how might that be? Well, by using the power of trolling.

Recently, Japan hosted Gintama fans from all over when the franchise held fan event. The gathering took place over the weekend, and it was there fans were informed Gintama would not end this season and instead get an entirely new anime.

 The announcement went live with a teaser video showing Gintoki looking rather serious. The hero found himself stepping to his longtime enemy as the anime promised their epic clash would end the show… but that finale would not come in Gintama’s so-called final season.

Nope, that finale will go down in a brand-new anime project that is already in the works.

So far, there are no details out about this project, but it appears to be entirely separate from Gintama: Silver Soul. The season is the latest piece of the anime to be released, and it was said this season would close the anime for good. Now, it appears Gintoki is has bullied himself into yet another anime, and fans of the action-comedy could not be any more excited.

So, are you surprised by this latest Gintama announcement? Let me know in the comments 

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