Ranking ‘My Hero Academia’s Most Powerful Quirks

My Hero Academia has more quirks than it knows what to do with. The series has dozens of Pro Heroes on the run at any time, and even its most ordinary citizens have extraordinary powers. However, some quirks are more powerful than others, and they shouldn’t be underestimated.

From All Might to Eri, there are several powerful leads who’ve been welcomed by My Hero Academia. Now, is banding together the series’ most powerful quirks into a list which you can find below:


Eraserhead may look like an unassuming teacher, but the lanky man is one impressive Pro Hero. Aizawa wields a quirk that allows him to erase the power of anyone so long as it is not a physical quirk. This means Eraserhead can halt the powers of the strongest quirks so long as he keeps eye contact, and that makes him a big threat to baddies.

Black hole

If there is one thing you don’t want to run into in space, it is a black hole. The massive dead spaces absorb anything that gets into its gravitational field and sends them on a never-ending journey through the blackness. This makes the hero Thirteen rather intimidating since the teacher can summon mini black holes with her hands, giving her a power that could cause untold damage in just a few seconds.


Momo Yaoyorozu isn’t just smart; She’s got a quirk powerful enough to dismantle economies and make weapons of mass destruction on the fly. The heroine has a quirk known as Creation, and it allows her to make anything inorganic from her body using lipids and fats. As long as the item is smaller than her frame or can be built in pieces, Momo can make it. So, you can see why the limits of her power are only limited to the amount of knowledge she possesses.


The ability to mess with time seems to be the pinnacle of all powers, but Eri’s gift is something else entirely. The young girl doesn’t have complete mastery of her quirk by any means, leaving fans to wonder about its full power scope. Rewind is pretty self-explanatory; When Eri activates it, Rewind basically rewinds whatever is being touched without changing the world around this. This power can make trees into seeds, chairs into wood, or humans into babies. So, you can imagine what happens when Eri accidentally rewinds someone into the point of nonexistence.


Permeation is a powerful quirk that fans witnessed firsthand with Mirio Togata. The character is introduced in season three as one of UA Academy’s top three students. The overpowered hero is not only in shape, but his power allows him to slide his molecules through anything. This not only gives the hero some stellar stealth, but Permeation can also be manipulated for teleportation and enhanced strength.


Overhaul sounds like a terrifying quirk, and that is because the power is pretty horrifying. The quirk is wielded by a villain called Chisaki, and his gift has allowed him to kill dozens in the blink of an eye. Simply put, Overhaul gives the baddie the ability to disassemble and reassemble things on an atomic level. If Chisaki wanted, he could rearrange a phone into a microphone if need be… or fundamentally disassemble a person into a pile of bloody visceral.

One For All

One For All is tied on our list of top picks. The inherited power is currently wielded by Izuku, but it belonged to All Might before him and another before that. Clearly, the power is strong as it helped All Might become the world’s top hero, but fans learned there is more to power recently. As it turns out, the quirk also stockpiles power per user, making it more stronger after each inheritance. Oh, and it also contains the individual quirks of all its previous users which can eventually be used on command.

All For One

When it comes to powerful quirks, there are no abilities more feared than All For One. The quirk itself isn’t too terrifying as it simply allows its user to take quirks from others and adopt them. To date, there is no known limit on how much the quirk can absorb, but All For One’s user has warped the power for nefarious reasons. Now, the baddie has stolen countless overpowered quirks to make his own, and All For One is at the root of all them.

So, which quirk from this series is your favorite? Let me know in the comments

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