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One Piece Episode 877 Official Spoilers & Release Date

Luffy has granted Jinbe permission to join his former crew and help his new crew to escape. Jinbe promised Luffy that he’ll see him at Wano. In this post, I’ll be talking about One Piece episode 877 official spoilers. As expected this post is full of spoilers so whoever does not like to read spoilers please stay from this post.

One Piece Episode 877 Official Spoilers

One Piece episode 876 was titled “The Man of Humanity and Justice – Jinbe, a Desperate Massive Ocean Current”. In this episode, we saw that it was Wadatsumi who swapped the Sun Pirates ship with the Thousands Sunny. Big Mom Pirates realised that and started to chase them again. Jinbe asked Luffy to allow him to stay back and help Strawhats to escape along with his former crew. Luffy granted him this permission in the most iconic fashion.

Luffy and Jinbe made a pact that Jinbe will somehow come to Wano. Jinbe went back and created a whirlpool situation in the sea. This enabled the Strawhat Pirates to escape from Totto Land.

The episode was awesome and Luffy’s scene granting Jinbe permission to stay behind was iconic.

Now, coming to the spoilers of the upcoming episode of One Piece anime. This episode is titled “The Parting Time – Pudding’s Last Wish”. In this episode we’ll see, Pudding reflecting on the memory of her and Sanji kissing. She’ll clearly wish that things had not gone the way they went. Meanwhile, in Mirror World Brulee will reveal that she had seen Katakuri fall on his back before but didn’t reveal it to anyone as he had saved her from bullies back when they were kids.

The good news is that Strawhats have now finally got away and Sanji will make a Zeff style meal for the crew after learning about Pedro. Germa and Sun Pirates will continue to battle the Big Mom Pirates and even Big Mom will arrive at the scene.

So, now let us see how things unfold in the upcoming episode of One Piece anime.

One Piece Episode 877 Release Date

One Piece episode 877 will air on 24 March 2019.


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I have seen a lot people say that Luffy is close or already at Admiral Level of power, but in my opinion, he is still not at their level. In the One Piece world, the Admirals are one of the most powerful people and the people closest to Yonko. I don’t think anyone can defeat them except the Yonko.

I think the biggest reason that makes people disregard the Admirals and don’t see how strong they are is because Whitebeard defeated Akainu pretty easily at Marineford. But remeber that Akainu literally made Whitebeard (the strongest man in the world), fall to his knees. Who else do you think can do that? Only another Yonko would have feasible chance of accomplishing such a feat. Even though Whitebeard was super ill and injured when Akainu did that but its still a big achievement.

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