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Re:Zero Season 2 Key Visual & Trailer Released

In addition to an upcoming OVA called “Frozen Bonds,” it’s been announced that the anime series Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World will return for a second television series this year. The Season Two announcement comes courtesy of a new promotional video released in conjunction with the AnimeJapan 2019 festivities. It’s currently unclear when the second season might air, but it certainly seems to be teasing a major showdown of some kind.

We also have confirmation that a bunch of the main characters, like Subaru Natsuki, Emilia, Pack, Rem, Ram, Beatrice, and Roswell L. Mathers. There will also be other important character getting confirmed as we move closer to the next season of the show.

A Key Visual for the anime was also released, and it shows us Subaru and Emilia, the main two people in the anime.

At the same time, a trailer for the next season also dropped and boy is it scary. Just looking at it makes me realize how much I needed Re:Zero in my life again. If you haven’t checked it out yet, go ahead and do so below:

The previously mentioned “Frozen Bonds” OVA will adapt the light novel story of the same name. The novel, Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Zenjitsu-tan: Hyoketsu no Kizuna, was a prequel packed in with the home video release of the anime series in Japan. This short story tells the first time Emilia met with her crystal guardian Puck, who’s a mystery itself. Fans have seen glances of Puck’s true forms late in the series, but hopefully the prequel will explore the guardian’s connection with Emilia.

Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World is a series of light novels originally created by Tappei Nagatsuki with illustrations provided by Shinichirou Otsuka in 2014. The story follows Subaru Natsuki, a homebody who wakes up in a fantasy world on his way home from the convenience store. Meeting a silver-haired elf named Satella, he decides to help her on her journey to recover a stolen item.

After the two are mysteriously killed, Subaru wakes up to realize that he has gone back in time to the point when he first entered the world. Realizing he has a new power called “Return by Death,” which sends him back in time every time he dies, Subaru decides to use this new power to try and make a better life for himself in this world with the mysterious silver haired elf. The series was adapted into three different manga series by Daichi Matsue and Makoto Fugetsu, and was adapted into an anime series by White Fox in 2016 that ran for 25 episodes. It was also licensed for an English-language release by Yen Press.

So are you excited for Re:Zero Season 2?

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