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How A Sword Becomes The Black Blade? – One Piece Chapter 937


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How a sword becomes a black blade? Are Black blades just crafted with black edge or do they become black after a certain process? Today we’ll be talking about this, so without further wait, lets begin.

In the previous chapter we learned that Kokuto blades aren’t just blades crafted with a black edge, rather blades that “become” black. The famous swords of the world are divided in the famous Meito categories, while two other ways to classify some swords are known, being the Yoto (referring to cursed blades like the Kitetsu line) and the Kokuto (or black blades).

In this case, the black blades become black after a certain process. While this is still completely unknown, the most likely possibility is that this might be caused by Armament haki. We already know that items can be coated in Armament haki (even being coated with the black hardening), so could it be that after incredibly prolonged use blades could become permanently imbued in haki?

Imagine a sword coated in Armament haki at all times, that would no doubt be an utterly powerful blade! The only Kokuto we know of so far are the Shusui and Mihawk’s Yoru, both among the top 30 finest blades ever forged in the world and both wielded by the strongest swordsmen of their time, meaning this might only be achievable by the best of the best (this would also confirm Ryuuma as an Armament user).

The only problem is that Shanks is a Swordsman, yet his blade isn’t Black. We know Shanks is definitely a high calibre Haki user if not the top 10 highest in the series. Vista, another high calibre Swordsman isn’t wielding a Black blade despite the fact he’s a proficient Armament user. Whitebeard uses a Bisento, the blades aren’t black, yet, we know he’s one of the most proficient Haki users around if not the best when he was alive.

If Haki were really a prerequisite, then one would think all high-calibre Swordsmen would possess Black blades. That leads us to even more possibilities.

Is it a transformation that occurs to a blade from being the best Swordsman? Maybe it has something to do with being the best. Perhaps, it’s only something that is attained from defeating the strongest Swordsman or becoming the strongest Swordsman. Only issue with this idea is it implies that over the course of a millennium, there have only ever been 2 greatest Swordsmen? Maybe it’s not an issue, could well be that just like the title of Pirate King, not many have achieved this feat.

Is it a transformation that occurs from Dragons? Other idea that may have developed this Black Blades phenomenon in theory is maybe wounding or killing a Dragon with a blade. It would therefore imply maybe Mihawk has wounded or killed a Dragon in the past? Can’t say for certain. It would however make for a compelling story more so since it’s implied from the One Piece Magazine that Zoro will be involved in the defeat of Kaido.

In the end, these are just theories and nothing is confirmed. So lets wait for some more info.

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