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Pokemon Black and White Manga Resumes Following Hiatus

It looks like things are getting back in swing for one Pokemon franchise. As the brand prepares to launch its next generation, Pokemon Adventure: Black and White 2 is slated to hit up fans again for the first time in a long while.

According to a recent report by Anime News Network, the Pokemon manga is coming off hiatus. The title began its break back in February 2018, but that has all ended.

Shogakukan confirmed the manga’s comeback last week. The publisher, which prints Suday Webry, put out the manga’s 19th chapter a few days ago.

As for why the series was put on hold, well — it comes down to planning. Creator Hidenori Kusaka said the manga was taking a break and would only resume when they had come up with a way to end the manga. Now, Kusaka must have a plan in mind, so fans can anticipate what the long-awaited title has in store.

If you don’t remember this title, Kusaka launched the manga in July 2017. Viz Media licenses the Pokemon Adventure manga for readers in the United States, so you can read their official synopsis of this title below:

Awesome Pokémon adventures inspired by the best-selling Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 video games!
Two years have passed since Team Plasma was defeated and Trainer Black was sucked into the Light Stone along with Legendary Pokémon Reshiram… Now Team Plasma is back to its wicked ways, controlling other people’s Pokémon and even wild Pokémon with technology. Luckily, a new young hero and Looker of the International Police are on their trail…

Colress, the new leader of Team Plasma, is attacking the Unova region. His machines control Pokémon, wielding their powers for evil instead of good. Fortunately, a way to jam the signals is stored on a memory card. But who has the card…? A girl at the Pokémon Trainers’ School! Maybe that’s why our hero is such a flirt—he’s just doing his job gathering intel. But he’d better stop playing the field and find that card fast before someone beats him to it!


So, will you be picking this manga back up? Let me know in the comments

My Hero Academia Creator Comments On New Movie

The creator of My Hero Academia never imagined the phenomenon the series would create. Kohei Horikoshi’s love of comics inspired a new take on the genre in Japan, and it turns out the artist will be involved in My Hero Academia’s next big-screen outing.

Over on Twitter, the official page for My Hero Academia released a short statement penned by Horikoshi regarding the anime. This weekend saw the series confirm a second feature film is in the works, and its creator will be involved with this film like the last.

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